Cut Off

That’s the term, they said it’s a temporary thing, that in the future they might need us back on the job. Whatever. Maybe this is the answer to all my questions and wondering, my last post has received the answer. But I believe the decision is given to me, not taken by me. I believe that God has given a sign or correction to me through all this, to tell me “move forward, do something else!”

Hopefully it will bring me and my family to a better phase in our lives. Specially in this time, when my family needed me most, my wife being pregnant with our second child, my son is entering a new and more advanced school, and my parents need someone to help them do all their things.

A part time teaching offer has come and hopefully I am the right person they’re looking for. With the cut off news today, I’ve received a lot of offering from fellow workers, mostly my superiors in the office to work on various projects. I’ll just take it first as a sign that they all appriciate my work all this time. Which will I take, I’ll just go through it more specifically one at a time, later.

I’m now back on the hunt, job hunt, and hopefully I will get a new one soon, a lot better one, I believe.

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  1. Hi John,

    There will be one open door for ya… and surely God takes care all your needs because He cares šŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend.

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