If i think it over, everybody just want me to leave. When they see me, they always ask me “Are you still there?”, not in a positive way, but in a negative kind of question. It’s like, “Are you crazy? I can’t believe you’re still there!”

It’s almost 2 years. Less than one month to go, by the 15 of August. Is this the end for me? I’ve been complaining a lot more than I can remember any great moment with this place. That should be a good sign that this place is bad for me. I haven’t been in this bad shape ever since the days my wife left me alone in Jakarta to go home at her hometown for about a month. Thank God I still have the people I love around to cheer me up. But I think they all also hope that I would leave this place and start something else.

Is the decision and the resignation letter is ever gonna come out? Let’s wait until the meeting is over, let’s wait until I reach the number 2. I’ve dreamed about this since October last year, so it’s have been about 9 months by now. Is the child gonna come out eventually? Please show me what to do, dear God..

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