Time or Hours?

Well, here goes an update 🙂

Just recently about 4 days ago, I stumbled upon an interesting page. The idea is quite phenomenal and offers many advantages and efficiency.

At that moment, while I was reading the article, the idea seems nice and acceptable, I even think that I would talk/share about this to some people I know. But after a day pass by, I realized something strange. If the idea is to cope with the “Did you ever feel like there just weren’t enough hours in the day?” question, and far more about using our hours in more advantageous ways, this scenario came up in my head: “Okay, let’s just say everybody in the world agree with this concept and the world then decided to use this concept. What would it be like? For sure, after about 10 years (maximum), we would have said that 28 hours is not enough.”

For me then, the answer is not how much time there is in a day, but how well do you spend your time in a day. Okay, you don’t feel tired enough after a day’s (plus night) activity.. Well I say, Lucky you, you have more time to spend doing something else while some of us are too tired to even brush our teeth before sleeping at night. Adding hours to a day is just not the answer.

Another reason, and the most important one, is that the 28 hours a day concept is a ‘rebelion’ toward God’s intention when God created everything. Well, at least in the Bible, God created everything (including man & woman) in 6 days, and on the 7th day, God rest. So, that’s why there’s 7 day in a week. About 24 hours, for me, it’s just a method and calculation of time that’s used throughout the ages to simplify and breakdown a day. Just imagine if there’s no ‘hour’, ‘minute’, ‘second’ concept, what a mess it would be. So, don’t be amazed by the ’24’, but rather be amazed of the ‘time’ and use them wisely.

To close my post, just try this scenario: try to substract the amount of time in a second, so that a second is only ‘half of a second’ and call it a second, then you can call it a 48 hour day, not just 28.. won’t you have a lot more time in your hands? Again, it’s not how much time you have, but how well you use your time.

Sorry for my bad english.. just trying to pull something out of my dizzy head…

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  1. okeh.. setuju !!! bukan soal ada berapa jam dalam sehari, tapi bagaimana kita memanfaatkannya…

    so, mulai sekarang berhenti membuang-buang waktu utk hal-hal yg tidak perlu…


    tetap saja susah untuk berhenti nge-plurk…. 🙂

    ps: webnya hosting dimana yah?

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