Makassar … riot?

Right about now.. The rumors said, there’s a housekeeper (pembantu) (or two?) murdered last night by their employer who is happen to be a Chinese man. This causes a big horror among the Chinese people in Makassar, and surely bring horror to almost everyone in the city, including non-chinese. A friend just called me (non-chinese office friend) and informed that one of our friend at work was stopped in the street because he was suspected a chinese. Don’t know what would happen if He _IS_ a chinese man. Thank God he’s not.

This bring back the fear that has twice put Makassar in a terrible condition. The last one was in 1997, after a child murder by a crazy chinese man. Back in 97, a lot of houses and Buddhist/KongHuCu temples burnt down and many chinese people murdered and raped. My house also got a piece of it, a big stone that went through my house’s glass window…

I don’t care for the politics or racism views (as my “Human Virus” told me, I should stop caring), but I’m imagining the bad economy condition that will once again struck Makassar down if there’s a riot this time. This is just stupid.

To those who’s too stupid to figure things out, and are involved in such stupid activities.. What difference are you than the NAZI‘s?

still learning english and typing it fast… 😛

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