HP Hot Serve

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I’ve installed this program long time ago, but I have the chance of using it (read: remember to use it) now.

Today, I attended HP’s Roadshow called HP Hot Serve, featuring Michael S. Sunggiardi, Onno W. Purbo and Frans Thamura.

The event took place at the Makassar’s Quality Hotel, from 09.00 till about 17.30 CIT. I myself got there about 10 AM, but didn’t miss much (just didn’t get my picture taken.. :P)

Frans Thamura talked about and showed a demo of Instant Messaging technology using Jive, ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) using Compiere. Frans is all into Java and it’s latest technology.
Onno W. Purbo talked about and showed the implementation of a ‘simple’ LTSP(Linux Terminal Server Project). Remote Desktop Connection is quite unique, you can use a remote desktop to connect to other remote desktop, on which is on remote desktop to other server… cool…! 🙂
The last part, Michael S. Sunggiardi talked about and showed a demo on the topic “Digital Life”, with HP Products, such as IPAQ and HP Photosmart printer. He demonstrate HP’s printer, that is small like a small toaster, but very powerful to print photo-size (4R) photograph. The printer uses A bluetooth dongle so everybody in the room can print a picture or two..

They use several HP Products, such as one big 64-bit Itanium based HP Server, HP Pavilion, HP Proliant, HP/Compaq Laptop, a very cool Wireless LCD Projector, an (new) HP dumb terminal, and lots of other stuff… mostly HP.
The event was quite inspirational, altough not as complicated as I expected, but it’s ok considering the participants came from a large diverse background.
I hope there can be more of events like this in Makassar, especially with such nice and high quality speakers.

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