Normal days

Hm.. It’s been a while, I haven’t post anything for almost 10 days now.
Well, I’ve been quite busy, my last activity at work is delivering some switches to schools. Before that, i’ve been taking students’ picture for our system database (and this work is not finished yet).. At home, I’m trying to fix this blog, I install wordpress and copy the database, and hopefully, I can create and upload a better (according to me) lay out for this weblog.
Yesterday, i broke my glasses apart, not the glass, but the frame. I’m now practically blind, except when riding my motorcycle because my helmet helps holding the glasses šŸ™‚
Anyway, tomorrow is my son[japheth]’s second birthday.. We’re not throwing any party, but we just thank God for this year, and pray that He will lead us toward a better life next year.


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