another wait is over

Check this out:
Canon PowerShot S2 IS Canon PowerShot S2 IS

Above pictures are taken using a N6600(Nokia 6600)’s camera, in a hurry this morning. 🙂

My new Canon PowerShot S2 IS arrived yesterday, It’s just as nice as I expected it would be. This is (one of) my dream come true. I’ve been browsing and hunting for a good camera since I don’t know when, The hunt become more intense in the last year and a half. I have seen many cameras (but not buying one :P), but none of them are cheap enough for me to buy 😀 hehehe..

So, about a month and a half ago, I receive my BCA(Bank Central Asia) Card bill, and like always there’s a shopping catalog accompanying the bill. To my surprise, this Camera is in that catalog, and here’s the treat: There’s no interest (0%) for 12 months payment plan. I don’t care if the price is not the lowest price on the market, but the 0% and 12 months plan works for me, so I mailed my order to BCA(Bank Central Asia) Marchendising department a few days later. But, out of 3 things I ordered, this camera has a little problem. By e-mail I was told that the camera is out of stock and new stock will arrive in Indonesia at the end of October. Well, there goes my chance. I’ve planned to use this camera on many big occasions during September. For one, there are a lot of events in my Church at that month. Another one, on October 5 there’s a big event that involves a very famous artist in Indonesia, that come to Makassar to join in birthday celebration with my former workplace (Radio Cristy Makassar). The artist was Ari Wibowo (yes, the scream maker :)). During his visit in Makassar, I have the chance to pick him up at the airport, take him to the hotel, later on, take him (escort him to be precise) to the birthday event, and later on the next day, take him back to the airport. There’s no screenshot, because there’s no camera! (so, you know why I’m basbang.. I have sometimes violated tao no. 7)

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  1. Alow bang John..
    (hehe..tika panggil bang John yaa…:p)
    Berhubung gak tau knapa postingannya terhenti sampe sekian, tika duluin yaa..
    Met Lebaraaaaaaaaaannn….


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