the wait is over

The wait is over,


not too satisfied…, because is already taken 😛

Unlike many other “Gajah-ers(the junk machine)”:, who are invited by other users, I got this ivitation directly from “ can ask for an account here)”: But as I’ve always said, “satu aja bikin pusing, gimana kalau nambah?” or something like that 🙂

Another thing, this information came through while I was testing my new Fedora (yes, another Fedora) installation at home, testing the modem actually. My previous attempt to use my Prolink external Modem, had always came to a dead end, a bad and very slow connection. But this time, it’s connected correctly and it’s quite fast. I don’t know if it’s just the “euphoria”: of successfull connection or the information, but I think my connection now (using FC4(Fedora Core 4)) is faster than using the same connection/ISP(Internet Serivce Provider) in Windows XP.

This is a chance to be more creative, more specific, and demand more writing capabilities from me. Let’s just hope I can use this chance..
And last but not least, I have ONE (for now) invitation, anybody interested? FIFO(first in first out..)

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