Active Speaker

I learn something new today, tiny information actually. I learn what active speaker is and why it is called ‘active’. I use this term in daily conversation, but never really understand what it means. So (for work purpose), I looked up what Active Speaker means in Google, and this is the result:

bq. A speaker which includes an integral power amplifier to power or drive the speaker.

Another thing I learn is the ‘define’ keyword in “Google(our dear uncle)”:, which is usable to look for word meanings. So in my case, it was ‘define:Active Speaker‘.

So, it is called active because it has an independent power line, which results in an independent capability to boost up many things (esp. Volume) for the sound system. I remember my first PC-loudspeaker, not an active one, it has no volume manager of itself and depends solely on output volume from the PC’s sound card.

Now, i can tell the difference between active and non active speakers.. 🙂

(yes, I know I’m BASBANG(Basi Banget))

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  1. basb…. ah sudahlah.

    sekarang silakan tambah info apa itu speaker 2.1, 4.0, 5.1 serta 7.1

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