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Recently, my blog has received some spam trackbacks and comments. Luckily (or sadly? :P) my blog is not very popular, like priyadi’s or enda’s. the spam comments/trackbacks are not so many and So comments/trackbacks (including spam ones) are not high in number, which makes spam easier to be spotted and deleted. But i’ve been doing that for about 1 week, and that sucks.

Looking for solution, I then go and ask in The Elephant Mailing List, about what is the best spam solution plugin for WordPress. To my surprise, the solution is not necessarily takes form in a plugin, but is as simple as some bad word list, to filter the spam out of comments and trackbacks. The solution giver was JAY(Jay Adalah Yulian), who was kind enough to share his keyword list to me (and the mailing list). I have a copy of the list, right here, plus some from WordPress’ Codex site. Of course, this option has been lying there since i don’t know when, but I just didn’t care and put any attention to it. That’s exactly why I call myself a lazy blogger.

Just put these keywords in your Options >> Discussion >> Comment Moderation (or) Comment Blacklist section. If you put it in the first one, comments containing one of the words will automatically be held for moderation. But if you put it in the latter, comments containing one of the words will automatically be deleted and vanished forever.

Now, good bye you texas holdem spammer 😛

(Update: I updated this post after an opinion/comment from Priyadi)

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