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Today, I received a mail (snail), ordering me to take something (a package) at the post office. I didn’t go and take it, instead I send one of our employee to take the package for me. The post office isn’t far from our house, so after a while he’s back with a white package.

To my surprise, it was a package from ubuntu linux team. I got 15 (as I ordered) pairs of Ubuntu Linux cds, every pair is one Install version and one Live version.. Here are some (blurry and large) images:

Ubuntu Linux CD - Front Cover Ubuntu Linux CD - Inside
Ubuntu Linux CD - Back Cover Ubuntu Linux CD - 15 of them
Ubuntu Linux CD - Stack of 15

All of the cds are of version 5.04, AKA(Also Known As) Hoary Hedgehog, for Intel x86 platform. The best part of the cds is the sentence: “You are legally entitled and encouraged to copy, share and redistribute this CD for yourself and your friends. Share the spirit of Ubuntu!” at the back of the cover. That is what I am most proud of..! 🙂

Hm.. Now, I have to share at least 13 of them.. anybody interested?

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  1. Oi John…ini gw Paulus yg di milis PAKBinus, gw mau donk itu CD nye, mo belajar linux juga nih tapi masih bingung dari mana mulainya, distronya ngejubileh…..banyak banget….pusink… btw Ubuntu itu Linux kan? gw mo cobain….nti gw belajar ama loe yeh.

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