Cleaning Up

I’m cleaning up my hard-drives these days, making space for a big (’bout 15+Gb) library of resourceful files of Onno W. Purbo. Doing so, i need to delete some movies i’ve stored in my hdd, also some old setup files..

As I browse through my setup files, it’s amazing, how my windows’ application/setup files sum up to more than 8 Gb, compared to 3 Gb of linux files.. I must try to do more with linux. Of that 8 Gb, almost 2 Gb is allocated for Adobe‘s applications.. so that explains it. I’m (trying to take time) learning Gimp, it’s a lot like photoshop, but still very different in many ways.. and that’s frustating! Also with Audacity, quite similar to audition, but still, frustating!

Anyway, this is just an ‘iseng’ post, i’m posting this message using a program I got from fedora-extras archive.. I don’t even know the name, I’ve just installed a LOT of extra programs, and found this one hanging in my ‘start menu’ list of accesories.. I give it a try.. and… whaalaa.. there goes my ‘iseng’ post..

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