browse happy!

See that link at my links list.. browse happy!
Visit to see the testimony of many people who switch to other browsers other than IE, and why they did it.

I’m not anti IE or M$, but if there are better browsers, why use the inferior one?
for me, IE is inferior in the case of standardization issues. IE has many flaws in keeping itself up-to-date following the trends and new features in web technology.
This Eric Meyer’s website should show it to us. Try loading the website and parts of it using IE and compare the result with other browsers (e.g. Firefox). IE is like a stupid red-nosed fat stinky and ugly clown :o) , while firefox would shine like barney (the barney series, my son loves this character). I like the quote on WordPress‘ site, “Code is poetry, (use) valid (X)HTML(eXtendible HyperText Markup Language), and valid CSS(Cascading Style Sheet)”.

And I haven’t mention anything about security yet..

Anyways, browse happy, don’t use IE for everyday browsing, use them _only_ for updating your Windows, if you have one that is.. 🙂

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