It all started with the unability (by default) of Fedora Core 3 to read ntfs partition. I wanted to watch some movies that lies peacefully in my ntfs partition.. So, I installed the kernel-ntfs module for my kernel. Add a few lines on /etc/fstab, and there it was, a nice mount point called /mnt/winxp and others.. 🙂
sample of the added line in /etc/fstab:

/dev/hda1 /media/c_drive ntfs ro,defaults,umask=0222 0 0

got it from a resourceful website. Actually, I got mine from another website, but the website above is better 😛

Then, there was this unability of reading MP3 files. I downloaded xmms from xmms’ website, installed it along with a package of xmms-skin.. At first, it still won’t read my ntfs partition’s mp3, but that’s not xmms’ problem, it turn out that i haven’t put some beautiful lines of options in my /etc/fstab.. after putting the options, the reading was great.

The last part was watching movies.. I installed xine, which I also download from xine’s website. Make a hard link for /dev/cdrom with the command:

# ln /dev/hdc /dev/cdrom

in which /dev/hdc was my cdrom’s device name
then, make a link at the “Quick Launch” bar, for xine, but alter the command to be ‘sudo xine’, so it can read through filesystems more easily.
But in order to do ‘sudo xine’, it turned out that I have to be a valid ‘sudoer’ first.. so I add a line in /etc/sudoers that said ‘my username’ can do all things using sudo …
then, it was great. This configuring things makes me realize that linux isn’t that difficult, I was just not used to it as it is in my M$WinXP..

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