gmail is awesome..

I started using gmail since Jan 18, 2005. It’s simply better than any other web-based email i’ve ever seen.
Large capacity is second, I probably would never use that huge amount of byte for my email messages. They also mentioned that this capacity is enough for 4 years of never deleted email messages. Just throw away those other large capacity email service like s!#m@(.com or (the last one is already dead in less than 1 year)..

The best thing is, the new approach of email management. That’s what i liked about gmail. For one, they treat email as conversation.. that’s a new one, although it has been always a conversation eventhough we never realize it.
Hopefully the ads (maybe someday, i predict) would be minor (unlike Y*#$@! nowadays), and probably only text ads (google’s speciality..).
You should have one. A account.

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