Haggai Institute

On October 20-22, I was in Malino, a small town about 70 KM from Makassar. I was there to attend a 3 days seminar of Haggai Institute. It’s an organization with the vision of empowering local leaders to serve God more effectively. At this meeting there were about 30 local participants from Makassar and South Sulawesi Province, all very talented and fruitful ministers of God. They were priests, businessman, worker (like me), medical doctor, and other occupations. They are all local church leaders and workers. The material of the seminar is about leadership, goal setting, integrity and urgency of gospel for the world. At the end of the seminar each of us were asked to write down our vision and mission for our lives and then write down our goals for 2006, in 8 aspects of life. One of the speakers was Christovita Wiloto, a young entrepreneur whose life achievements amaze a lot of the participants. He gave presentation about goal setting, and shows how a good goal setting can change and make life better for one person and his/her environment/family.

This is a great idea and a good community. Rather than sending out (Christian) workers throughout the world, HI vision was to enable and empower local workers to serve God better. A National Seminar will be held in Bali from November 22 till 26. I’ve already registered for this event, It’s quite expensive (from my worker-salary point of view), but I’m expecting more good and wonderful experience there. I myself is not a fully qualified alumni yet (‘alumni’ is a person who have _fully_ finish a series of seminars, like this one in Malino), because I missed out one session, a very critical one also, that is HI vision. I missed it because of my late departure to Malino due to office work and meetings. So, Bali, here I come (and this is also will be my first visit to Bali).

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