Long time no post.. it’s hard to start writing again πŸ˜›

Then, let’s just start with pictures:
My DSLized USB Stick My DSLized Desktop

And a last shot of my current desktop:

Mobile computing has come to a new era with this technology. The pictures you have seen above is a picture of my workstation at MCEC(Makassar Cyber Education Center), with a DSL(DamnSmallLinux) running. The distro I use daily is Fedora Core, which is installed on the hard drive of the pc you’ve seen above. But, using just a simple USB(Universal Serial Bus) Flash Drive, my machine is now running DSL, live.

The 512MB flash drive is a gift I give myself on my 25th birthday just recently :P, and it (I call it Jogr) is loaded with 2 linux distros on 2 partitions, one is DSL, which you’ve seen, and the other is SLAX, killbill edition. Too bad my machine cannot boot from SLAX, The BIOS only sees one partition of the Jogr, the first one, which contain DSL.

The installation of DSL is quite simple, and could be done from a running linux, with a simple 5 steps of installation, which you can read/find at DSL’s ftp server/mirrors. While the installation of SLAX was done using Window$, with a tool called MySlaxCreator or something like that πŸ˜›

The other great thing about DSL, the OS can start in an ongoing Windows or Linux; OS inside OS, using QEMU. All you have to do is run a simple script called dsl-windows.bat (for windows) or dsl-linux.sh (for linux). And you have yourself a running copy of DSL right inside of your current Operating System.

This is something else, this is great, this is quite a revolution.

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  1. selamat ulang tahun kalo begitu. πŸ™‚
    met kenal, john. met gabung dg blogfam. acc membernya sdh diaktifkan. ditunggu sapa nya di perkenalan ya.

  2. Jon …
    Trims untuk komentarnya!

    the ‘english sucks’ comment refers to english generally or just mine? If it’s just mine, you’re so dead! Hehehehehe … Kidding!

    Salam kangen,

    PS: Say Hi to your wife and your baby. Thanks.

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