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Apparently, my xanga blog is not that clumsy anyway. I’ve start weblogging as far back in April, 2001. And back then, i was updating it quite often, and the update was more or less on daily basis. But, one fact in common in all my blog is that no one reads it but me. 🙂

Probably, i’m not promoting myself enough. I haven’t write useful things much. Or, another possibility is that i’m not in the circle of blog reader people.. Hm, i wonder how do you make your circle of friends to be a blog reader people.. 😛

I hope some day, all the benefit of many blog site can become one. The easy way to post a message is of course owned by livejournal.com, they have a specific software (but not created by the owners of livejournal.com) to help us post message to our blog there. The thing about wordpress (or any other cms/program like it) is that it can be installed to our site, and we can customize it ourselves, without any ad or banner of promotion bugging in our blog. And of course, there’s Hello and Picasa that makes blogspot/blogger weblog become interesting and fun to play with.. Another thing is a community based weblog like the ones at friendster or yahoo, is always a good and easy way to be in touch with people around you and to make them a blog reader.

Anyways, it’s good to write blog, at least for myself, so on later days I can go back and remember what things I have written and what (mostly silly in the future) things I have in mind.

that’s all for today’s post.
ps. I love the blue of this wordpress skin.

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