boring days?

Just now, I think, what should I write about for today, and I think I do that everytime I logged in to my blog. Most of the times, I didn’t really think about what I can write, but I just forget about it and move on with things I have to do. But, sometimes, I really feel sorry for myself, that I didn’t have so much things in my life that I can write about.
Then, this morning, I think that I really should make my days more meaningful, and also, learn to remember little things that could be big enough to write about. I think I just pass through my day each day without counting it down bit by bit. A life in the fast lane, I think that’s the term. But it’s not that fast, I think it’s just us, who live in such life that cannot take each bit of it carefully.
Hopefully, I’ll learn to take my life more seriously and learn to examine bits of each day more deeply. I must learn to be more bold and creative about the things I can write.. I think that’s all for this post.

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